INFORMS Undergraduate Operations Research Prize

Committee member since 2018

INFORMS Education Strategy Committee

Member since 2017

INFORMS Annual Meeting Blog

Contributor since 2012

Peer Review


  • Annals of Operations Research
  • Constraints


  • AAAI-17
  • CP 2016, 2017
  • CPAIOR 2017, 2018

Session Organizer

“Machine Learning and Discrete Optimization”

  • INFORMS 2018 Annual Meeting

“New Paradigms for Cut Generation”

  • INFORMS 2018 Optimization Society Conference (IOS)
  • INFORMS 2017 Computing Society Conference (ICS)
  • INFORMS 2016 Optimization Society Conference (IOS)

“Decision Diagrams for Optimization”

  • INFORMS 2017 Annual Meeting

“Applications in the Energy Sector of Emerging Countries”

  • INFORMS 2012 Annual Meeting

INFORMS Student Chapter at Carnegie Mellon (CMU INFORMS)

President, 2015-2017

Main contributions:


  • I was awarded the INFORMS Judith Liebman Award in 2016
  • CMU INFORMS won the Student Chapter Award at Summa Cum Laude level in 2016 and Magna Cum Laude level in 2017