Constraint Programming and Adaptiveness at CPAIOR

On May 25th, I will present an extended abstract at CPAIOR, which will be held in Berlin next week. It is about characterizing adaptive search methods for constraint programming. I have had the support of many colleagues along the process, which will be remembered at the end of the presentation. I’m also excited for the opportunity to meet other people with the same interests there, including those that I only know as authors of papers that I’ve read.

My presentation topic has nothing to do with my master thesis. The idea went out during the last summer (of the Southern hemisphere), right on time to submit a short paper for CPAIOR at the end of January. Despite the rejection, two of the reviewers suggested that a longer version would be worth of try. So I took one step back and submitted an extended abstract, since CPAIOR environment seems to be the most appropriate to discuss the topic. Besides, all 2011 master classes will be about search. I hope to post next week about how it went out. Click here to check the conference program.

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