Some concluding remarks about CPAIOR

CPAIOR 2011 is coming to its end. Despite not being the first international conference that I have ever been, it was the most interesting so far. Among the reasons for that is the fact that it is very focused if compared to other O.R. meetings. I had the opportunity to meet many people that I only knew as authors of papers I’ve read. I also met many young researchers like me, some of which as excited as I am on working in the industry with O.R.. Some of those people were impressed by how far I came from. As a matter of fact, with internet (and free access to articles) it is possible to be a researcher anywhere in the world, even if your country does not have a tradition on the topic you work with. However, talking to experienced people at such environments saves a lot of time and helps you getting further.

As for the organization, the Zuse Institute staff did a great job at everything. They managed to have something going on every night after the conference presentations. I wish I could attend to the informal meeting after the conference today, but I have bought tickets to leave Berlin in advance.


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