Mathematical Modelling in Industry ’11 – first impressions

A conference about mathematical modelling in industry is going on at the University of São Paulo. I’m very impressed by the ambition of the event still on its first edition: three full days with three simultaneous tracks involving experienced speakers from varied countries. There are sessions about applications in flow simulation, new materials, aerospace, finance, medicine and much more. To be honest, I’ve no idea about many of the techniques mentioned on the abstracts of the program. I hope to leave the conference a bit more knowleadgeble about them. As usual in most of conferences I’ve been attending lately, I’m about to meet people working in my company that I’ve never heard about. I like it.

Despite everything I’ve written about, what really cheer me up about an event like this is that there is a huge gap between academia and industry in Brazil that we need to reduce.

If you want to know more about the event, check the website of the International Conference on Mathematical Modelling in Industry. If you are close by, the event is for free and you can register in the front desk.

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