Repeating #ismp2015 tweeting experience at #informs2015? Challenge accepted!

(Originally posted in the 2015 INFORMS blog).

ISMP is a big thing in the mathematical programming community: a triennial conference bringing together the experts in the field. In 2015 it was also a big thing for the OR/MS academic community on Twitter: we experienced unprecedented levels of live tweets describing what was going on in parallel sessions. For a huge conference where you are always faced with the dilemma of choosing which great talks to sacrifice, this is at least a consolation. And that is definitely a must for the INFORMS Annual Meeting!

Most of the community that helped boost #ismp2015 is here in Philadelphia and I am quite sure that what happened in Pittsburgh in July will be repeated here. Possibly #informs2015 will break another record. So stay tuned in hashtag #informs2015 on Twitter and help boost it too!

If you want to know more about the tweeting experience at ISMP 2015, read my blog post.

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