Winter 2016 / 2017 schools on algorithms, optimization, scheduling, and other relevant #orms topics

There is not so much going on this Winter as in the past Summer, but there is still some cool stuff coming up. From doing a similar list of Summer 2016 schools and getting some feedback on things that I have missed, I hope that this list keeps growing as more people read this post and reach out to me. Like last time, I may also post schools with past deadlines as reference for future readers looking for schools in 2017 onwards.

SESO 2016 Winter School on Numerical Methods for Multistage Stochastic Optimization
November 2-7     (deadline: October 23)
Champs-sur-Marne, France
* Included on October 5

Brazilian Summer School in Machine Learning
December 8-9     (deadline: December 2)
Sao Paulo, Brazil
* Included on November 29

3rd Summer School on Discrete Math
January 3-6     (deadline: October 19 for international applicants)
Valparaiso, Chile

Winter School on Optimization and Operations Research: Big Data and Optimization
January 15-20     (deadline: December 15 for early registration)
Zinal, Switzerland
* Included on October 5 by suggestion of Shabbir Ahmed

Winter School in Stochastic programming with applications in energy, logistics and finance
January 15-21     (no deadline: first come, first served registration)
Passo del Tonale, Italy
* Included on October 20

6th Winter School on Network Optimization (netopt2017)
January 16-20     (deadline: October 31)
Estoril, Portugal

3rd International Winter School on Big Data
February 13-17     (deadline: October 21)
Bari, Italy
* Included on October 5

Recent trends in the study of expanders and high dimensional expanders
February 12-16     (deadline not posted)
Rehovot, Israel
* Included on January 2

2017 EURO Winter Institute on “Methods and Models in Transportation Problems”
February 14-23     (deadline was October 15)
Bressanone, Italy
* Included on October 25

Operations Research Summer School for Young Latin American Schoolars (ELAVIO)
February 24  – March 4     (deadline not posted)
Buenos Aires and Miramar, Argentina

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