11 types of tweets for #ics2017

With the 2017 INFORMS Computing Society Conference in Austin around the corner, I was looking for useful way to make a binary joke and decided to write about tweeting.

For a long time I used Twitter as I would use Linkedin (that is, if Linkedin worked): for networking and letting people know about something going on where I was. This type of tweet, which I now call “Look what you are missing”, is quite useful.

I still use Twitter in that way, particularly when I am busy keeping session time (like above) or trying to understand something that is new to me. However, I started paying attention to other people’s tweets and decided to use it in a more productive way for me and others: taking notes of what seem to be the takeaway message or good to know.


But there is another – more entertaining – way of using Twitter in conferences…

I still have to figure how to tweet while giving a talk. Talk would entail 100 types of tweets!

One Reply to “11 types of tweets for #ics2017”

  1. How to live tweet your talk:
    1. Use Beamer to build the slides.
    2. Include “speaker notes” for each slide.
    3. Put a link in the speaker notes for each slide that runs a BASH/Python/whatever script that burps up a tweet written when you wrote the slide.
    4.Surreptitiously click each tweet link when you’re on the slide.
    The real question, as usual, is not the technological “how” but the sociological “why”.

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