O.R. by the Brazilian Beach: SBPO in Ubatuba

Ok, I’ve kind of stolen Tallys Yunes blog name for the post title, but I could not resist: it is winter time in Brazil but it is a sunny and hot day in Ubatuba, where the 2011 Brazilian Symposium on Operations Research (SBPO) is being held. I’ve presented my paper this morning and now I can watch the rest of the event without worrying about it at all (I love presenting earlier). In the hope to get some readers tempted to attend to the next SBPO editions, here goes some pictures of the conference hotel, the sea view and my colleagues working under extremely hard conditions:


2 Replies to “O.R. by the Brazilian Beach: SBPO in Ubatuba”

  1. Nice title! And good job showing everyone who isn’t there what they’re missing. Now I wish I had had time to go! Enjoy the conference, the pool and the beach on my behalf.

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