And so SBPO is gone…

The 2011 Brazilian Symposium on Operations Research (SBPO) has come to an end and the balance is very nice. Putting the articles running for the awards on tracks apart from the rest prevented me from missing them. I had the privilege to have a paper among the nominated ones but it was not as good as the ones from Manoel Campelo and Silvio Hamacher groups, who shared the best paper award. I also crossed my fingers for Rafael Cano’s work at Unicamp in the best undergraduate research award, but Lucas Pierezan work at UFRJ was unbeatable. I had the opportunity to do a lot of networking with other authors, Petrobras employees and current Unicamp students (no matter how long I’m not there, this alma matter issue induces me to hang around with Unicamp people). It was the second time that I attended to SBPO and this edition improved a lot over the other in what comes to organization, the venue and the quality of the works. Congratulations to all involved on that.

It seems that the pictures from the previous post provoked the desired effect on those who did not attend. Hope to see some of them next time.

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