On my way to Quebec City for CP 2012 and heading for INFORMS 2012 in one week!

I am right now in a bus from Montreal to Quebec City. CP 2012 will officially start on Monday, but a gathering of those who arrived earlier was suggested for tomorrow in the late afternoon. The same happened last year at CPAIOR, and that was one of the reasons why I decide to come as soon as possible: to avoid missing the first gathering again.

I will be presenting a talk and a poster about the application that I approached during my MSc, which is described in a full paper in the conference proceedings. This work helped me being accepted in the CP Doctoral Program, which will promote some events directed to the graduate students attending to the conference and has assigned a mentor to each one. The CP DP organizers were very kind to help a number of us with registration costs and hosting. On top of that, I was told last week that my position paper about characterizing adaptive search methods (a sequel of my extended abstract from CPAIOR 2011) entitled me 2 minutes to give my 2 cents in a panel about the future of CP, which is being organized by Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck. In short, I am really looking forward this meeting!

In the following, I will go to Phoenix for the INFORMS Annual Meeting. I will give two talks there, one of which at the sessions about OR applications in the energy sector of emerging markets, which I am organizing, and the other at the sessions about CP, organized by Professor van Hoeve. I will also contribute to the blog of the conference, which will have as authors many of the usual OR bloggers. As soon as the blog is officially released, I will post the link here. I have interacted with a number of those guys online but I saw very few of them in person so far. Therefore, my expectations for Phoenix are also very high!

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