Summer 2020 schools on algorithms, data science, machine learning, networks, optimization, transportation, and other relevant topics in operations research

This post covers relevant schools happening between April of 2020 and September of 2020. If you know of other schools that are not listed here, please reach out to me. Like in previous semesters, I will keep updating this post and I may add some schools with past deadlines as reference for readers looking for schools in the next years.

Previous posts: Summer 2016, Winter 2016 / 2017, Summer 2017, Winter 2017 / 2018, Summer 2018, Winter 2018 / 2019, Summer 2019, and Winter 2019 / 2020.

Spring School on Mathematical Statistics
March 30 – April 3     (deadline: January 24)
Leipzig, Germany

LMS Research School: Graph Packing
April 19-25     (deadline: January 31)
Eastbourne, England
* Included on January 23

NATCOR Heuristics and Stochastic Algorithms
April 20-24     (deadline not posted)
Nottingham, England

ISCO 2020 Spring School: Data Science, Machine Learning and Optimization
May 2-3     (deadline not posted)
Montreal, QC, Canada

Complex Networks: Theory, Methods, and Applications
May 18-21     (deadline: February 23)
Como, Italy

Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
May 24-29     (deadline: April 30)
Kacov, Czech Republic

Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC 2020)
May 25-29     (deadline: April 3)
Oslo, Norway
* Included on February 28

Simons Institute Workshop: Statistics in the Big Data Era
May 27-29     (deadline: February 1st for travel support)
Berkeley, CA, USA

Column Generation 2020
May 31 – June 3     (deadline not posted)
Sainte-Adèle, QC, Canada

Summer School on Modern Optimization for Transportation
June 1-5     (deadline not posted)
Frejus, France

NATCOR Convex Optimization
June 1-5     (deadline not posted)
Edinburgh, Scotland

Risk Measurement and Control: Fintech and Digital Banking
June 3-6     (deadline not posted)
Rome, Italy

IPCO (Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization) Summer School
June 6-7     (deadline not posted)
London, England

Structural Graph Theory
June 7-12     (deadline not posted)
Murol, France
* Included on February 3 by suggestion of Aurélie Lagoutte

ICAPS-ICRA Summer School on Plan-Based Control for Robotic Agents
June 8-12     (deadline: March 31)
Paris, France

Zaragoza Logistics Center PhD Summer Academy
June 8-19     (deadline: June 1st)
Zaragoza, Spain

Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology
June 8-26     (deadline: March 13)
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
* Included on February 22

Hausdorff School Algorithmic Data Analysis
June 15-19     (deadline: March 29)
Bonn, Germany
* Included on February 22

Research school in computational complexity
June 15-19     (deadline not posted)
Paris, France
* Included on February 22 by suggestion of Ludmila Glinskih

Simulation Summer School (S3)
June 21     (deadline: February 15)
State College, PA, United States
* Included on January 27

DTU CEE Summer School 2020: Advanced Optimization, Learning, and Game‐Theoretic Models in Energy Systems
June 21-26     (deadline: January 31)
Copenhagen, Denmark

3rd International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence and Games
June 22-26     (deadline: March 1st for early registration)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Swedish Summer School in Computer Science (S3CS 2020): The Method of Moments in Computer Science and Beyond & Polyhedral Techniques in Combinatorial Optimization
June 28 – July 4     (deadline: February 11)
Stockholm, Sweden

Machine Learning Summer School – Germany
June 28 – July 10    (deadline: February 11)
Tubingen, Germany

Regularization Methods for Machine Learning (RegML)
June 29 – July 3    (deadline: March 20)
Genova, Italy

Data Science Summer School (DS3)
June 29 – July 3    (deadline not posted)
Palaiseau, France

Tsinghua University 2020 Deep Learning Summer School
June 29 – July 12    (deadline: April 14)
Beijing, China

International School of Mathematics “Guido Stampacchia”: Graph Theory, Algorithms and Applications
July 1-8     (deadline: April 10)
Erice, Italy

Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (SIGEVO) Summer School
July 5-9     (deadline: April 3)
Cancun, Mexico
* Included on January 21 by suggestion of Juergen Branke

4th Summer School on Cognitive Robotics
July 6-10     (deadline not posted)
Brisbane, Australia
* Included on January 23 by suggestion of Philip Kilby

Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School: Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning
July 6-11     (deadline: March 27)
Krakow, Poland

Gdańsk Summer School on Algorithms for Discrete Optimization and Deep Learning
July 6-12     (deadline: April 30 for early registration)
Gdańsk, Poland
* Included on January 23 by suggestion of Georg Anegg

EURO PhD Summer Schools on Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding / Making (MCDA / MCDM)
July 6-17     (deadline: February 1st)
Ankara, Turkey

Bocconi Summer School in Advanced Statistics and Probability
July 6-17     (deadline: March 31)
Como, Italy

EADM Summer school on Learning and Decision Making
July 8-15     (deadline not posted)
Barcelona, Spain
* Included on February 22

EURO PhD School on Data Driven Decision Making and Optimization
July 10-19     (deadline: January 15)
Seville, Spain

3rd Advanced Course on Data Science & Machine Learning (ACDL 2020)
July 13-17    (deadline: March 31)
Siena, Italy
* Included on February 28

EURO PhD School on Sustainable Supply Chains
July 19-23     (deadline: January 20)
Lisbon, Portugal

Latin-American Summer School in Operational Research (ELAVIO)
July 19-24     (deadline: February 29)
Arequipa, Peru
* Included on January 20 by suggestion of Rodrigo Linfati

Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2020: Theory and Practice of Deep Learning
July 20-31     (deadline: February 1)
Muizenberg, South Africa

Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing
July 26 – August 7     (deadline: March 2)
St. Charles, IL, United States

4rd International Summer School on Deep Learning (DeepLearn 2020)
July 27-31     (deadline: January 26 for early registration)
Leon, Mexico

Metaheuristics Summer School: Learning and Optimization from Big Data
July 27-31     (deadline: March 5)
Catania, Italy

4th Modelling Symposium: Introducing Deep Neural Networks
July 27-31     (deadline: March 27)
Magdeburg, Germany

Advanced Methods in Operations Research for Logistics and Transportation
July 27-31     (deadline not posted)
Bogota, Colombia

Digital Transformation of Mobility Systems – OR Models and Methods
July 27-31     (deadline: March 31)
Munich, Germany
* Included on February 28 by suggestion of Layla Martin

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning (DLRL) Summer School 2020
July 29 – August 6     (deadline not posted)
Montreal, QC, Canada

Machine Learning Summer School – Indonesia
August 3-9     (deadline: April 30)
Bandung, Indonesia

The Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School 2020
August 4-9     (deadline: February 15)
Saarbrucken, Germany
* Included on January 27 by suggestion of Alex Efremov

Oxford Machine Learning School
August 17-22     (deadline: April)
Oxford, England
* Included on January 27

Prague Summer School on Discrete Mathematics
August 24-28     (deadline: March 15)
Prague, Czech Republic

Simons Institute Workshop: Probability, Geometry, and Computation in High Dimensions Boot Camp
August 24-28     (deadline not posted)
Berkeley, CA, USA

Simons Institute Workshop: Theory of Reinforcement Learning Boot Camp
August 31 – September 4     (deadline not posted)
Berkeley, CA, USA

Summer School on Machine Learning and Big Data with Quantum Computing (SMBQ 2020)
September 7-8     (deadline not posted)
Porto, Portugal
* Included on February 28

Combinatorial Optimization at Work (CO@Work)
September 14-26     (deadline not posted)
Berlin, Germany

NATCOR Forecasting and Predictive Analytics
September 21-25     (deadline not posted)
Lancaster, England

Simons Institute Workshop: Deep Reinforcement Learning
September 28 – October 2     (deadline not posted)
Berkeley, CA, USA

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