A new home in many senses: My blog, my city and my workplace

As opposed to my blog’s activity, a big change has started in my life since that last post in February: I got some offers to pursue a PhD degree abroad, visited two schools in March, decided to join the OR program at Carnegie Mellon University, and am preparing my relocation to Pittsburgh since then.

If it was not by the fact that Posterous is shutting down, I would take a bit longer to post again. After applying to doctoral studies and prior to receiving those offers, I was having a great time writing about some topics of my interest and I want to resume that soon. In addition, I am looking forward to share some thoughts about the doctoral application process: it was a bit stressful, but it was a great opportunity for self-discovery and to get acquainted with people sharing similar research interests.

Until then, please update your bookmarks and subscriptions to keep following my blog!

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