Winter 2018 / 2019 schools on algorithms, big data, data science, discrete math, optimization, and other relevant #orms topics

If you know of other schools that are not listed here, please reach out to me. Like in previous semesters (Summer 2016, Winter 2016 / 2017, Summer 2017, Winter 2017 / 2018, and Summer 2018), I will keep updating this post and I may add some schools with past deadlines as reference for readers looking for schools in the next years.

IWR School “Advances in Mathematical Optimization”
October 8-12     (deadline: August 31)
Heidelberg, Germany

International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC) Spring School
October 12-15     (deadline: September 12 for early registration)
Stellenbosch, South Africa
* Included on September 4

COIN fORgery: Developing Open Source Tools for Operations Research
October 15-19     (deadline not posted)
Minneapolis, MN, USA
* Included on August 27 by suggestion of David Bernal

First Nepal AI Winter School 2018
December 20-30     (deadline: November 15)
Kathmandu, Nepal
* Included on October 14

5th International Winter School on Big Data
January 7-11     (deadline: September 18 for early registration)
Cambridge, UK

14th Summer School on Discrete Math
January 7-11     (deadline: September 28)
Valparaiso, Chile

2019 Grid Science Winter School & Conference
January 7-11     (deadline: October 30 for student sponsorship)
Santa Fe, NW, USA
* Included on October 11 by suggestion of Hassan Hijazi

The Data Incubator Data Science Fellowship
January 7 – March 1     (deadline not posted)
New York / Bay Area / Boston / DC, USA -– or online

Winter School on Optimization and Operations Research
January 13-18     (no deadline posted)
Zinal, Switzerland

2019 Data61 International Optimisation Summer School
January 13-18     (deadline not posted)
Kioloa, Australia
* Included on September 17

AMS Short Course on Sum of Squares: Theory and Applications
January 14-15     (deadline: December 27 for early registration)
Baltimore, MD, USA
* Included on October 2

8th Winter School on Network Optimization
January 14-18     (deadline: October 31 – submit CVs to
Estoril, Portugal

HUMAINT Winter school on AI: ethical, social, legal and economic impact
February 4-8     (deadline: November 1)
Seville, Spain

Winter School on Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
February 4-9     (deadline: December 15 for early registration)
Tbilisi, Georgia
* Included on October 31

The Power of Algorithms? A Sociological Perspective
February 7-15     (deadline: September 1)
Würzburg, Germany

Spring School and Workshop on Polytopes
March 11-15     (deadline: January 7 for contributed talk; February 11 otherwise)
Bochum, Germany
* Included on October 22

3rd AIROYoung Workshop + PhD School “Advanced Methods in Optimization and Data Science”
March 26-29     (deadline not posted)
Rome, Italy
* Included on October 11; updated on January 24

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