Summer 2019 schools on data analytics, discrete math, machine learning, networks, optimization, and other relevant topics in operations research

This post covers relevant schools happening between April and September of 2019. If you know of other schools that are not listed here, please reach out to me. Like in previous semesters, I will keep updating this post and I may add some schools with past deadlines as reference for readers looking for schools in the next years.

Previous posts: Summer 2016, Winter 2016 / 2017, Summer 2017, Winter 2017 / 2018, Summer 2018, and Winter 2018 / 2019.

PS: For schools after September, check the Winter 2019 / 2020 post

NATCOR Stochastic Modeling
April 1-5     (deadline not posted)
Lancaster, England

The Data Incubator Data Science Fellowship
April 1 – May 24     (deadline not posted)
New York / San Francisco Bay Area / Boston / Washington DC, USA, or online

Rising Stars in Computational and Data Science
(workshop for female graduate students and postdocs)
April 9-10     (deadline: January 22)
Austin, TX, USA

Complex networks: theory, methods, and applications
May 13-17     (deadline: February 17)
Como, Italy

Numerical Analysis Summer School 2019: A Numerical Introduction to Optimal Transport
May 13-17     (deadline: March 15)
Paris, France

IPCO (Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization) Summer School
May 20-21     (deadline not posted)
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

2019 Midwest Big Data Summer School for Early Career Researchers
May 20-23     (deadline: March 20 for early registration)
Ames, IA, USA
* Included on February 19

2nd International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence and Games
May 27-31     (deadline not posted)
New York, NY, USA

Simons Institute Workshop: Deep Learning Boot Camp
(preannouncement; details to follow)
May 28-31     (deadline not posted)
Berkeley, CA, USA

Quantum Computing Summer School Fellowship
June 3 – August 9     (deadline: January 18)
Los Alamos, NM, USA

Advanced Process Optimization: Optimization in Biochemical Processes and Practical Optimization Techniques & Tools
June 3-14     (deadline: May 30)
Lyngby, Denmark
* Included on March 11 by suggestion of Richard Oberdieck

Applied Machine Learning Summer Research Fellowship
June 6 – (10-12 weeks)     (deadline: January 3 for first round of applications)
Los Alamos, NM, USA

Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms (NUMTA)
June 15-21     (deadline: March 31)
Crotone, Italy

DTU CEE Summer School 2019: Data-Driven Analytics and Optimization for Energy Systems
June 16-21     (deadline: March 15)
Copenhagen, Denmark
* Included on February 19

Summer Institute in Computational Social Science
June 16-29     (deadline: February 20)
Princeton, NJ, USA

Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC 2019)
June 17-21     (deadline: April 19)
Genova, Italy
* Included on February 19

Finite Geometry & Friends
June 17-21     (deadline not posted)
Brussels, Belgium
* Included on February 19

Summer School on Behavioural Operational Research (BOR)
June 17-21     (deadline: May 15)
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
* Included on April 22

Summer School on Geometric and Algebraic Combinatorics
June 17-28     (deadline: February 27)
Paris, France
* Included on February 19

Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2019: High Performance Data Analytics
June 17-30     (deadline: February 8)
Aussois, France

17th Annual Wolfram Summer School
June 23 – July 12     (deadline: May 25)
Waltham, MA, USA

Applied Bayesian Statistics Summer School on “Bayesian Demography”
June 24-28     (deadline not posted)
Como, Italy

Eötvös Loránd University Summer School in Mathematics: On the crossroads of topology, geometry and algebra
June 24-28     (deadline: April 30 for early registration)
Budapest, Hungary

Mathematical Optimization of Systems Impacted by Rare, High-Impact Random Events
June 24-28     (deadline not posted)
Providence, RI, USA

Data Science Summer School (DS3)
June 24-28    (deadline: April 26)
Palaiseau, France
* Included on February 19

RISIS Summer School on Data Science for studying Science, Technology and Innovation
June 24-28     (deadline: May 26)
Glasgow, Scotland
* Included on April 30

Summer School on Computer Science
(preannouncement; details to follow)
June 24-30     (deadline not posted)
Novosibirsk, Russia

International School of Mathematics “Guido Stampacchia”: Advances in Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization (NAO 2019)
June 24 – July 1     (deadline: May 31)
Erice, Italy
* Included on February 19

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) Math-to-Industry Boot Camp IV
June 24 – August 2     (deadline: February 28)
Minneapolis, MN, USA
* Included on February 19

1st MINOA PhD school: Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization meets Data Science
June 25-28     (deadline not posted)
Ischia, Italy
* Included on January 16 by suggestion of Andrea Lodi

9th PhD School in Discrete Mathematics
June 30 – July 6     (deadline: May 31)
Rogla, Slovenia

Swedish Summer School in Computer Science (S3CS) 2019: Information Theory in Computer Science and Spectral Graph Theory
June 30 – July 6     (deadline: March 8)
Stockholm, Sweden
* Included on February 19 by suggestion of Ludmila Glinskih

2nd Summer School on Optimization, Big Data and Applications (OBA)
June 30 – July 6     (deadline: March 15)
Veroli, Italy

Summer School on Randomness and Learning in Non-Linear Algebra
July 1-4     (deadline not posted)
Leipzig, Germany
* Included on April 22

Association for Constraint Programming (ACP) Summer School
(preannouncement; details to follow)
July 1-5     (deadline not posted)
Vienna, Austria

Latin-American Summer School in Operations Research (ELAVIO)
(preannouncement; details to follow)
July 1-5     (deadline not posted)
Lleida, Spain

NATCOR Simulation
July 1-5     (deadline not posted)
Leicestershire, England

Random Trees and Graphs Summer School
July 1-5     (deadline: May 5)
Marseille, France

Future of Computing Summer School
July 1-5     (deadline not posted)
Porto, Portugal
* Included on February 19

International Summer School on Deep Learning 2019
July 1-5     (deadline: February 28)
Gdansk, Poland
* Included on February 19

Advanced Course on AI (ACAI): AI for Multi-Agent Worlds
July 1-5     (deadline: May 15 for early registration)
Chania, Greece
* Included on March 4

Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School
July 1-6     (deadline: March 29)
Bucharest, Romania

Reinforcement Learning Summer SCOOL (RLSS)
July 1-12     (deadline: March 15)
Lille, France
* Included on February 19

Satisfiability, Satisfiability Modulo Theories, and Automated Reasoning (SAT/SMT/AR) Summer School
July 3-6     (deadline not posted)
Lisbon, Portugal
* Included on February 19

Vision Understanding and Machine Intelligence (VISUM) Summer School
July 4-12     (deadline: March 22)So
Porto, Portugal
* Included on February 19

Applications of Machine Learning and Intelligent Optimization to Tourism and Hospitality: Summer School and Workshop
July 5-9     (deadline: February 28 for regular registration)
Trento, Italy

Gdańsk Summer School of Advanced Science on Algorithms for Discrete Optimization
July 6-12     (deadline: April 30 for early registration)
Gdansk, Poland
* Included on February 19

Southeast Asia Machine Learning School (SEA MLS)
July 8-12     (deadline was April 20)
Depok, Indonesia
* Included on April 22

Nice Summer School on Random Walks and Complex Networks
July 8-19     (deadline: May 1)
Nice, France

Random Graphs and Complex Networks: Structure and Function
July 8-19     (deadline: March 27)
Como, Italy

Lisbon Machine Learning School (LxMLS)
July 11-18     (deadline: March 31)
Lisbon, Portugal

Tsinghua University 2019 Deep Learning Summer School
July 13-26     (deadline: April 15)
Beijing, China
* Included on February 19

2nd Advanced Course on Data Science & Machine Learning (ACDL 2019)
July 15-19     (deadline: March 31 for early registration)
Siena, Italy

Simons Institute Workshop: Frontiers of Deep Learning
(preannouncement; details to follow)
July 15-19     (deadline not posted)
Berkeley, CA, USA

Machine Learning Summer School 2019 – London
July 15-26     (deadline: January 31)
London, England

Choice-Based Optimization (English description here)
July 22-25     (deadline: June 17)
Hamburg, Germany
* Included on March 15 by suggestion of Sven Müller

ICSP (International Conference on Stochastic Programming) PhD School (preannouncement; details to follow)
July 22-26     (deadline not posted)
Trondheim, Norway

3rd International Summer School on Deep Learning (DeepLearn 2019)
July 22-26     (deadline: March 2 for early registration)
Warsaw, Poland
* Included on February 19

AI Summer School 2019
July 22-26     (deadline: June 3)
* Included on May 28

Kempten International Summer School 2019: Data Science for Everyone
July 22-30     (April 30)
Kempten, Germany

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning (DLRL) Summer School 2019
July 24 – August 2     (deadline: February 15)
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing
July 28 – August 9     (deadline: March 4)
St. Charles, IL, United States

5th Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics Summer School 2019
July 29 – August 2     (deadline: June 15)
Hagenberg, Austria

ICCOPT (International Conference on Continuous Optimization) Summer School: Large Scale and PDE Constrained Optimization; Optimization and Machine Learning
August 3-4     (deadline not posted)
Berlin, Germany

Machine Learning Research School 2019
August 4-11     (deadline: May 31)
Bangkok, Thailand
* Included on May 28

Foundation of Data Science (FDS) Summer School 2019
August 5-8     (deadline: May 24)
Atlanta, GA, USA
* Included on March 4

Simons Institute Workshop: Emerging Challenges in Deep Learning
(preannouncement; details to follow)
August 5-9     (deadline not posted)
Berkeley, CA, USA

The Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School 2019: Emerging Research Trends in Computer Science
August 6-11     (deadline: February 7)
Saarbrücken, Germany

Groups and Graphs, Designs and Dynamics (G2D2) Summer School
August 12-25     (deadline: March 1)
Yichang, China
* Included on February 19

Summer School on Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods (Deep|Bayes)
August 20-25     (deadline: April 15)
Moscow, Russia
* Included on February 19

Machine Learning Summer School 2019 – Moscow
August 26 – September 6     (deadline: April 5)
Moscow, Russia

EURO PhD Summer School on Operational Research for Value-based Health Care
September 1-8     (deadline: February 14)
Lisbon, Portugal

Model Guided Data Science
September 2-6     (deadline not posted)
Como, Italy

Gaussian Process and Uncertainty Quantification Summer School 2019
September 9-12     (deadline: July 1 for early registration)
Sheffield, England
* Included on May 28

NATCOR Combinatorial Optimization
September 9-13     (deadline not posted)
Southampton, England

Collective Intelligence and Big Data Revolution
(preannouncement; details to follow)
September 16-20     (deadline not posted)
Como, Italy

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